Final Settlement

Through SERA Plus you have the opportunity to have an experienced representative create a written, step-by-step guide for your loved ones that will show them all the steps they must take to settle your affairs according to your estate plan (Will or Trust) and personal circumstances.

Your Will or Trust only provides written instructions on what you want to happen after you pass away. Your family still must carry out those wishes and most likely has never settled an estate before. Whether you have a Will or Trust, your loved ones will be faced with numerous responsibilities in settling your estate; many of these responsibilities can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars if not done properly. Final Settlement Planning gives you peace-of-mind knowing those steps have been written down now, rather than having your loved ones learn as they go during an emotional time.


  • Free Bereavement Consultation — if a member of your family (or your spouse’s family) passes away, you are entitled to a complimentary consultation to discuss issues relating to their affairs. Additionally, your spouse or Personal Representative/Successor Trustee is entitled to a free consultation to discuss settling your estate if you pass away. CPA and attorney referrals will be provided if needed.
  • Planning — list and organize now, while you’re alive, the steps your loved ones must take to settle your estate into a Final Settlement Planning guide. This personalized guide is tailored to your family’s needs according to your Will or Living Trust. There are 25 different sections of information and documents to assist your Personal Representative or Successor Trustee settle your estate.
  • Review — Annual meeting to make sure all of the information is kept up-to-date for your loved ones.
  • Help — Assistance to your loved ones with as much help as they may need in settling your estate.
  • Easy payment options of check or credit card at time of service.

For more information on this benefit and to receive your SERA Plus package, contact Cheryl Streberger, at 517-515-9815 or, or submit form for more information.