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Cheryl Streberger, SERA Plus Program Manager

Cheryl Streberger recently recently retired from the State of Michigan with 36 years of service and is a member of the Grand Rapids and Lansing Chapters of SERA. Before retiring she worked for the past 14 years as the Health Care Benefits Representative for UAW Local 6000. Cheryl is a Registered Nurse and worked for the Department of Community Health and the Department of Corrections where she provided mental health services.

As the SERA Plus Program Manager, Cheryl will represent the Hantz Group, Inc. with the Michigan SERA Coordinating Council and the 21 SERA Chapters. Some of her duties will include coordinating all SERA Plus marketing activities with all chapters, acting as a liaison between Hantz leadership and SERA leadership, and handling any questions from local chapters and members of SERA. Cheryl will also attend and do presentations on behalf of SERA at the Pre-Retirement Orientation meetings provided through the Civil Service Commission training program.

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