Financial and Retirement Planning

Through SERA Plus you have access to one of the largest independent financial planning firms in the state of Michigan.

Today’s fast-paced environment requires a better educated investor to navigate the complications of the financial markets while providing the right blend of safety and growth potential as you plan your retirement.


  • One-on-one, no-cost consultation with a licensed representative to discuss your personal goals and concerns.
  • Work with a variety of well-established companies to offer you choices of safety, growth and/or diversification of your assets.
  • Strategies individually designed based on your family’s needs in areas of Wealth Accumulation, Asset Protection and Pre-retirement Planning.
  • Increase Return on Low Yielding Investments
  • Reduce Excessive Investment Fees
  • Learn Strategies to Outpace Inflation
  • Maximize College Education Tax Benefits

For more information on this benefit and to receive your SERA Plus package, contact Cheryl Streberger, at 517-515-9815 or, or submit form for more information.