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Retiree Health Benefit

Chery Streberger and I discussed the Retiree Health Benefit changes MOU (dated July 9, 2020) with Jan Winters (State Personnel Director) and Bethany Beauchine ( Director, Bureau of Benefit Administration). After discussion and having our questions/concerns addressed we agree/understand the changes outlined in the MOU. The MOU was approved by the Civil Service Commission on July 13, 2020. We will discuss this at the SERA CC meeting (conference call) on August 7, 2020.

Retirement and Retiree Benefits Security During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Click here for document created by Mary Pollock, SERA’s Legislative Representative.


SERA is committed to providing exceptional value to its members by delivering quality financial products and services to our members through our SERA Plus program. Consistent with our philosophy, we are pleased to announce that financial planning, investment, insurance (including auto, home and liability), tax planning, estate planning advice, and banking services will soon be offered exclusively through our relationship with Hantz Group, Inc., and its affiliates (together, “Hantz”), headquartered at 26200 American Drive, Southfield, Michigan 48034.

Our decision to offer financial planning, investment, insurance, tax planning, estate planning advice, and banking services through Hantz allows us to provide you with a variety of financial services under one roof. Hantz Group, along with its affiliates, Hantz Tax & Business, LLC, Hantz Agency LLC and Hantz Bank, to name a few, provides a comprehensive approach to your specific financial service and banking needs. Hantz will offer and provide its services through its 21 locations conveniently located near most of our chapters throughout Michigan.

For more information on Hantz, including locations, please visit www.hantzgroup.com or contact our SERA Plus program administrator, Cheryl Streberger at 517-515-9815, or your SERA Chapter Liason.

Civil Service Commission Retiree Information

Please review the Civil Service 2019-2020 Retiree Benefits Bulletin

Below are a number of resources you may find helpful regarding the transition from the State Health Plan PPO Medicare Supplemental plan to the Medicare Advantage* plan taking effect January 1, 2020:

View the Medicare Advantage presentation for details about the new plan that will replace the current Medicare supplemental plan for Medicare eligible SOM retirees effective January 1, 2020. View the 2019 State of Michigan MA Retiree Meeting Schedule for a listing of dates, times, and locations.

*These changes do not apply to State Police Troopers and Sergeants who retired on or after October 1, 1987.

Visit the Insurance Rates page to find information on rates.

For more additional inforrmation, see the Civil Service Commission website.

About Michigan SERA

SERA is an non-profit organization devoted exclusively to issues and concerns of all current and future retirees of the State of Michigan.

SERA works to:

  • keep Michigan state employee pension and insurance benefits secure.
  • assure pension and insurance benefits are improved and keep up with inflation.
  • monitor and take action on important developments affecting state pension and retiree health care benefits.
  • inform its members about proposed federal and state legislation that will affect State of Michigan retirement systems and retiree health care.
  • stay in touch with old friends and make new friends with a common background.
  • monitor the State Employees Retirement Systems Board, the Investment Advisory Committee (which makes recommendations to the State Treasurer on investments in the State Employees Retirement System pension fund), and the 401K and 457 programs provided through Voya.
  • work with the Office of Retirement Services and Civil Service Benefits Division to help retirees and near retirees with their pension and benefits issues.
  • provide SERA PLUS, great discounts and services in many areas of retirement living such as first-year free tax preparation, estate planning, tax planning, home and auto insurance, financial services, mortgage services, estate transfer strategies, final settlement planning, and much more through SERA’s association with Hantz Group, Inc..

SERA works through its members, leaders, and committees to promote the best interests of state employee retirees and future retirees. At least eight times since 1974, SERA was a moving force in pension increases or benefit improvements. In 2011, we opposed the pension tax and helped eliminate it for 70% of retirees; we opposed the remaining tax on public pensions for those born after 1945 in the Michigan Supreme Court. We opposed the recent state employee retirement system changes. That work continues.

SERA has 21 local chapters statewide that are linked through the Coordinating Council of the State Employee Retirees Associations of Michigan (the SERA Coordinating Council). SERA chapters have periodic meetings with guest speakers, opportunities for networking, newsletters, and other activities.

SERA welcomes the new ideas and energy of new members! To join, contact Cheryl Streberger at 517-515-9815 or cstreberger@yahoo.com.