Chair Talk

April 2023

The Coordinating Council held their first meeting in a new location (Delhi Café) last Friday the 7th of April. The room was smaller than the previous location that we had held our CC meetings, but the new location is large enough for our needs. The food and service was excellent. We will need a microphone at the next CC meeting though.

Our guest speaker was Curtis Hertel (former Senator) and Governor Whitmer’s Legislative Liaison. Senator Hertel spoke on several issues and responded to all questions that delegates/alternates asked. We were able to bring up the subject of SERA no longer receiving a list of new retirees that we could use to recruit new members. We did give him some proposed language that could be used to amend the Retirement Act and allow us to receive the lists again. He did say that he would bring up the issue to current Legislators to get support for us receiving the lists again.

We had an extensive discussion based on Jane Wallin’s financial report, my March Chair Talk and Tony Grudnoski’s (President, Chapter 906) responses to my Chair Talk. Discussion centered on ways the CC could save money and still serve the Chapters. We all realize that the CC Bylaws and Council Policies need to be brought up to date.

I think we all realize that CC finances will be a problem in the next few years, and we need to do something soon to resolve those issues. If you have any ideas or suggestions please contact me or Cheryl Streberger.

Editor’s note: Bob Kopasz is Chair of the Michigan SERA Council. He may be reached at P.O. Box 692, Mt. Morris, MI 48458; phone 810/240-8380.