Chair Talk

July 2014

VBS ó SERA Consulting Agreement

The current agreement extension with VBS regarding the SERA-PLUS program ends on August 14, 2014. I have received and distributed the proposed new agreement with VBS for the Executive Board, Chapter Presidents and delegates to review. The Executive Board will be discussing the proposed agreement at our meeting on July 11, 2014. The Executive Board will make their recommendation at the SERA CC meeting on August 1, 2014.

Okrie vs State of Michigan

An appeals court hearing was held on July 8, 2014 in regards to the constitutionality of 2013 PA 164 transferring the Court of Claims to the Court of appeals. The oral arguments were heard by a 3 judge panel. Gary Supanich the attorney representing Tom Okrie made his oral argument and a representative from the Attorney Generalís office made his argument. All three judges had questions for both attorneys regarding their positions.

League of Women Voters/Michigan Redistricting Collaborative

Dave Cook (Ionia Chapter President) attended a meeting on June 19th as the SERA representative in a discussion involving a plan to make redistricting non-partisan. Dave will give a report of this meeting at the Executive Board meeting on Friday, July 11th. Further discussion of this issue will also occur at the SERA CC meeting on August 1st.

Retiree Health Care

We have received no official decision as to what changes we can expect on Retiree Health Care. Cheryl Streberger and I have met with Jan Winters (OSE) and Lauri Schmidt (CSC/EBD) to discuss the impacts of any changes in the Retiree Health Plan.

There has been no final decision on that issue as of this date.

Editor’s note: Bob Kopasz is Chair of the Michigan SERA Council. He may be reached at P.O. Box 692, Mt. Morris, MI 48458; phone 810/240-8380.