Chair Talk

March 2013

The calls/e-mails I have been receiving about the new Prescription plan have slowed down quite drastically. The implementation process has not been too bad and is about what I had expected. When you transition to a new provider and a new prescription plan there are bound to be issues when files/refills are transferred to that new provider. Most of the complaints I have heard about recently have to do with the formulary and the disruption that has caused for some people. I, too, have had some of my drugs that have gone from the 2nd tier ($40) to the 3rd tier ($80). I am not too happy with that increase and will probably be discussing my prescription alternatives with my Doctor. I would encourage all retirees to share the formularies (Generation Rx and MedImpact) with your physician in order to get the most cost effective prescriptions to treat whatever your needs might be. We need to be wise consumers in order to reduce our prescription costs.

I have heard from several retirees that think the NoviXus mail-order plan is working well. They are pleased with the refill process whether they do it by phone or internet. I have heard some very positive feedback about the Diplomat Pharmacy and the contacts that Diplomat has made with retirees about their Specialty Pharmacy needs.

Many Medicare (Generation Rx) retirees are pleased that they can fill 90 day supplies of brand name drugs at their local pharmacy. This should work well for a lot of our retirees.

We will have representatives from Employee Benefits and MedImpact (hopefully some reps from NoviXus and Diplomat as well) at our May 10th Quarterly meeting. By then we will be into 4 months of the new programs and things should be running pretty smooth.

If you are having issues/problems with the new Rx plan and need some assistance, I am available by phone (810-240-8380) or e-mail: to assist you if need be. I will help with complaints if need be. If you have positive comments I would be happy to receive those as well.

Editor’s note: Bob Kopasz is Chair of the Michigan SERA Council. He may be reached at P.O. Box 692, Mt. Morris, MI 48458; phone 810/240-8380.